Berlin Marathon Training – Week 1 Recap

Week 1 of Berlin Marathon training is in the books and since I’m documenting this journey chasing down my unicorn, here’s a recap of what I did last week:

Monday – 4.01 Miles @ 8:14 Pace (aerobic-pace effort) & Core Workout

Tuesday – 6.33 Miles @ 7:28 Pace (Fartlek effort with workout portion of 3 minute intervals at half marathon pace (fast)) & 1.04 Miles @ 9:57 Pace & Leg Workout

Wednesday – 3 Miles @ 9:51 Pace (recovery run with my husband on Global Running Day!)

Thursday – Complete Rest Day

Friday – 5.15 Miles @ 7:41 Pace (Aerobic Run with mid-run strides mixed in; 8×20 second strides w/ 40 seconds recovery run between) & Core Workout

Saturday – 12.0 Miles @ 8:19 Pace (Hills, hills, hills! This was an aerobic effort and it certainly pushed me hard with the heat/humidity and the hills. I wasn’t able to run until the evening with thunderstorms ruining my morning plans but I got it done and on pace.)

Sunday – 3 miles @ 10:19 Pace (Recovery run – about all my body wanted to do Sunday after Saturday’s tough long run. I slept in till 10 a.m. which never happens so I was definitely beat up after that run.)

Week 1 Total Mileage: 34.53 Miles

Summary: Week 1 was a good first week of marathon training. I hadn’t broken 30 miles since the week of April 23rd so we’re slowly building up my base again. This was always the plan so no surprise here but to think I’ll be peaking doing double this mileage is both scary and exciting! Saturday’s long run hurt me a bit mentally but I reminded myself that it was the first time I had done a hilly long run or run for that matter in a very long time. On top of that Saturday was a rough day overall with a house inspection that went poorly on a house we put an offer on so I was already mentally drained. I swear I always pick marathon training season to make big life changes (last year we moved from St. Louis to Chicago in the middle of Chicago Marathon training)! Marathon training is tough; I keep reminding myself of this. It can build you up and break you down in a second. But I love it and I’m excited to keep working towards my goals for Berlin. 1 week down, 14 to go!


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